Swimming Pool and Children’s Safety: What’s Your Role?

children swimmingFibreglass pools are a worthy addition in homes in Perth, as they improve the overall look of the backyard while presenting endless opportunities for recreational activities, especially for children. But their safety should always be your top priority. Here are the things you can do to ensure your kids are safe while they enjoy their time on the water.

Fence the Pool

Installing a climb-resistant fence around the fibreglass pool in your Perth home is an effective way of preventing children from accessing the pool while you are away. You can choose either a self-latching, isolation, or self-closing gate. Just be sure to abide by the laws that dictate the type of pool fence you should get in your area.

Supervise the Kids

Always ensure that your kids do not go to the pool alone. You cannot take any chances. If you are leaving the pool area, for instance, make sure first that another adult will be able to watch over your little ones. This way, your children’s behaviour and actions in the pool will still be monitored to ensure their safety.

Use Life Jackets

Another thing you can do whenever your children are swimming or playing in the pool is to make them wear life jackets. These safety devices assure buoyancy when the person wearing it is in water. These will keep your kids safe if, for instance, they accidentally slide while playing around the swimming pool. So it is better if you make this a rule in your home.

Following the above preventative measures will ensure your kids’ safety and reduce chances of pool-related accidents. You should also get other swimming pool safety tips that are unique to the type of pool you have in your home.

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