3 Warning Signs of a Heating System Failure

Heating System Being RepairedHeating system collapse is every homeowner’s worst nightmare. It will leave you struggling to get an emergency repair service and finding an alternative temporary heat source. Luckily, a heating system will always show signs of weakness or problem before it breaks down.

As such, if your furnace shows any of the following signs, consider calling for a heating service in Indiana right away.


Modern furnaces have an average lifespan of 16-20 years. If your heating system approaches these years, it is time to start shopping for a new one. If you are not sure how old your system is, check the inside panel for a sticker that indicates the date of manufacture. If your heating system has a pilot light, it is certainly an old model.

Frequency of repair

Just like any other appliances, your heating system will require repairs as it ages. However, if you notice that the system needs too many repairs every few months, then be on the lookout. Your HVAC technician can tell you whether replacing your heating system is a better option.

Unusual noises in the furnace

The older the furnace, the more the groans, creaks, and moans it will make. When furnace squealing, rattling, or battling becomes the order of the day, it is a clear indication that something is going wrong. If you notice that the blower keeps going on and off more than usual, you need to do something about it.

These are the primary indicators that you will soon need heating services in Indiana. The level of damage to the heating system will determine whether it's better to repair your heating system or get a replacement. Look for a reliable HVAC contractor in your area to ensure the quality of service.

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