Understanding the Stages of Air Duct Cleaning

An air duct on the ceilingIf contaminated, the indoor air of commercial buildings could pose a serious threat to the health of its occupants. Studies have shown that indoor air pollutants are a significant contributor to respiratory diseases, allergic reactions, and other medical conditions. The most affected are children, the elderly, and people with an existing respiratory or allergic problem.

One source of indoor air pollution is your air ducts since they collect dust, debris, and other pollutants over time. It is, therefore important to hire regular commercial duct cleaning services in Toronto. Here are the typical phases of air duct cleaning done by a professional:

Access and Contaminant Loosening

The contractor accesses the ducts’ interior by taking out the duct components and access plates. If there are no entrance points, contractors will create access holes but will close and seal them afterward. Cleaning starts with loosening all the materials or debris that has accumulated in the ducts using high-pressure nozzles, hand brushes, and other tools.

Negative Pressurization

Before removing the pollutants, precautions are required to ensure that the contaminants do not go back into your building interior. Duct cleaning companies use a powerful vacuum (usually mounted on trucks) to apply a negative pressure in your ducts. This removes dirt and dust from the ducts and improves indoor air quality.

Removal of Contaminants

After connecting the vacuum to your ducts and turning it on, all pollutants are detached from the access areas in your air ducts. All air separated by the vacuum is drained through a medical-grade HEPA filter. The pollutants are then sealed in bags to be disposed of by the technicians.

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Before starting the cleaning process, the contractors have to perform a thorough inspection of your ducts. They will check for insect infestation, evidence of water contamination, air leaks, and molds in your ducts. They will then come up with written reports and recommendations on specific procedures for any problems. Call a reputable contractor to set an air duct cleaning schedule for your commercial space.