Laminated Glass: the Ideal Glass for Retail Store Windows

retail store windowWindow displays are an integral part of your retail store’s advertising. Ordinary window displays will entice clients to visit your store and buy something. However, they cannot protect your store from vandalism and break-ins.

Thus, you should install commercial windows made of laminated glass. Laminated glass has two bonded panes with a plastic interlayer. Here are some types of laminated glass that can make your store secure.

Glass Resistant to Physical Attacks

Laminated glass is very sturdy, is double-glazed, and must conform to various specifications. It has a thickness ranging from 6.5 to 25 millimeters and in most cases has integrated security alarms. It is resistant to many attacks, including those from crowbars and axes.

Bullet-resistant Glass

This kind of laminated glass protects your store from a range of firearms. It also protects people from flying shards because it flexes rather than shatters. The glass combines two or more layers of laminated glass with 19 to 88 millimeters thickness.

Explosion-resistant Glass

This is the best type of laminated glass for stores in places at risk of homemade explosive devices. Explosion-resistant windows have double-glazed glass installed in sturdy frames. There is a minimal risk of injury because it remains intact during an explosion.

Laminated glass will protect your store and provide a clear view of your products. You can display your products without fear of losing them to events beyond your control. Finally, laminated glass will make your store soundproof and comfortable.

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