Christmas Light Installation Ideas for Your Roof

Christmas LightsDuring the Christmas season, well-lit roof lines seem like a harmonious symphony of lights that highlight the contours, edges, and angles of your home. There are many available options, however, and learning about them will help you decide better on the types of materials to use.

Here are some residential Christmas lights installation ideas for you to consider:

Classic Clear Bulbs

A popular one, these iconic and simple incandescent bulbs are ideal for Christmas. They are inexpensive and cast a warm glow. However, installation needs more electrical planning since — being incandescent — they use more power.

Classic Colorful Bulbs

Solid or multi-colored bulbs can project an impressive look with the creativity and color patterns they can introduce to your home. Before buying, decide on the final look you want to achieve since the bulbs are available in different finishes, such as satin, transparent, opaque, or pearl. You can employ theme patterns like alternating bulb colors that light up at various increments. Proper electrical planning should be done to account for the significant power requirement.

White LED Lights

Many people today are switching to LEDs simply because they are more energy-efficient. LEDs are available in two variants — cool white and warm white.

Theme Light Patterns

The popular Christmas combinations are red and green, red, and white, blue and white, and blue and green. You can customize light strings with your preferred colors. You also have the flexibility to change the color of the bulbs when using them for other occasions.

Candy Cane Roof Lights

The combination of red and white reminiscent of candy canes is often used to light roofs. However, you can use red and warm white or red and cool white if you prefer LEDs. You can also use clear or opaque incandescent bulbs when creating different red and white tones.

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These are only some of the popular Christmas lighting ideas you can use for your home. Why not try them for yourself this coming season.